Builder design pattern

This is another creational design pattern. Just think about the StringBuilder. If you create a StringBuilder object, you can append strings one by one to the same StringBuilder object.

                StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

This is the functionality of the builder pattern. There are a few ways to implement the builder pattern.

Using constructor

Using inner class

The second method is the best way to implement the builder pattern. 

Advantages of the Builder pattern

  • The builder pattern solves the complex Telescopic constructors
  • Make it easy to create objects that has many attributes.

Disadvantages of the Builder pattern

  • Code looks complex
  • Object creation depends on the Builder class

Use of Builder design pattern in Java core

  • StringBuilder
  • StringBuffer
  • JsonObjectBuilder
  • Calendar in Java 8
  • Locale in Java 7
  • Stream API in Java 8

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