Introduction to JAXP

What is JAXP ?

JAXP, "Java API for XML Processing" is a one of Java APIs. This is used to to process XML data which is used by applications written in Java. Using JAXP, you can define your data as a stream  of events using SAX (Simple API for XML) or as a tree of objects using DOM (Document Object Model). JAXP also supports the XSLT (XML Style sheet Transformation) standards. This allows you to transform XML data into other data formats like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or WML (Wireless Markup Language). 

As you can see JAXP consist of three APIs
  1. SAX
  2. DOM
  3. StAX
Later on we discuss about these three APIs.

Packages of JAXP

There are five libraries defined by XML-DEV group and W3C.

  1. javax.xml.parsers     - Provide a common interface for diffrent vendor's SAX & DOM parses
  2. org.w3c.dom           - Define the document and other classes for DOM
  3. org.xml.sax              - Defines the basic SAX APIs 
  4. javax.xml.transform - Defines the XSLT APIs
  5.     - Provides StAX-specific transformation APIs.

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